Roll-up Banners

About Roll-up Banners

Our Roll-up Banners are a versatile, portable branding tool. Graphics can be changed easily. This is the perfect product for information-sharing.

Available in three options:

  • Wing
  • Just Lite
  • Econo

A carry bag is included.


The Wing is our most durable roll-up banner option. It has a double-sided foot base which makes it larger and more stable than other options. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and if you need to change the graphics, we can reprint and reload them into your base. It comes in single- and double-sided options.

Just Lite

The Just Lite roll-up banner is a simple, stable design for flat surfaces, providing a great solution for short term use. The base can be reloaded with new graphics. However, it is not recommended to do this multiple times as the mechanism lacks the durability of the Wing.


Limited to 800mm width, the Econo roll-up banner is ideal for temporary graphics, such as directional signage at an event. Our Econo banner is a graphic display solution for events held indoors on a flat surface.

The base is available in black and silver.